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Draft BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) Supplemental Requirements for Electronic Monographic Resources (Remote & Direct Access) Other Than Leader/06=Computer Files materials

December 13, 2010 version


Context for the BSR Supplemental Requirements:


This supplement defines a floor set of additional elements to be used in bibliographic records for direct and remote access monographic electronic resources.  This document applies to electronic resources where the primary aspect of the resource is one of the non-book formats—e.g., a digitized map or collection of digitized photographs, or perhaps a streaming video—but, secondarily, is also electronic in nature.   It is not intended to be used for computer files (Leader/06: m).  For the latter, use the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) for Electronic Resources.  The Supplement acts as a bridge between the non-book BSRs (BIBCO Standard Records) at:  that were adopted on October 1, 2010 and the Provider-Neutral Guidelines (for remote access resources) that were adopted on August 1, 2009 at:


Please note that since this document is a supplement.  It contains additional fields and their uses that are germane to electronic resources.  It does not necessarily repeat fields that are relevant to the primary format that appear in the non-book BSRs.  When this Supplement is adopted, it will represent an expansion of the Provider-Neutral Guidelines to encompass non-book formats.  Current Provider-Neutral Guidelines only apply to textual monographs.


The relationship between the 3 sets of documents is as follows:


•          The Provider-Neutral Guidelines are guidelines for a full record; they are intended to be used by all catalogers working with remote-access electronic materials in OCLC. 

•          The BSRs are floor standards.  The intent is that they be used by all BIBCO catalogers coding their records as PCC—whether working in OCLC or elsewhere—and by any other catalogers that choose to follow them.

•          The BSR Supplemental Requirements for Electronic Resources is also a floor standard that applies to BIBCO and other catalogers working in OCLC (or elsewhere) with remote and direct access electronic materials. Since it is a floor standard it may be necessary to consult the Provider-Neutral Guidelines as well.


Please send comments by Thursday, January 6, 2011 to:  [log in to unmask] for consideration by the SCS at their ALA MW meeting.


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