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The record download page for the US RDA Test (http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/RDAtest/rdatestrecords.html)

 has been updated to add the next batch of test records (future updates are expected in January).  There are now 4837 bibliographic and 6420 authority "extra set" records from formal test participants (as well as 11 MODS records).  The page also now has 440 bibliographic and 620 authority records from informal test participants.


For the MARC records, the site includes "text" versions of the files of records that are viewable without special MARC-aware software.


Note:  Some have experienced that incomplete files are sometimes downloaded when using certain versions of Internet Explorer-- check the file size of the download against the information on the page to confirm that the entire file was received.  Multiple attempts sometimes solves the problem; we have not heard of difficulties using Firefox.  If you have difficulties, we can send the file to you directly as an email attachment-- just contact us as [log in to unmask] with your request.