We started the using Oxygen12 editor for our ead finding aids  a few 
months ago and have hit a snag transforming the xml file with an xslt 
stylesheet. The transformed html files are generating in the Oxygen12 
folder in our Program Files (on our individual computers), when we'd 
like to have them go to a folder on our common drive (which is where the 
xml files reside).

I have been trying different things with the output setting in the  
"configure transformation scenario," but no matter what instructions I 
choose, the html files are still generating in Oxygen12. Has anyone hit 
this issue or is anyone willing to share how they configure the 
transformation scenario to not have the
html generate in the Oxygen folder?

I'm sure it's probably something simple that I'm missing...and although 
it's tempting to just copy over the new files into the correct 
folder...I'd really
like to know how it's done!



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