Hi Kathryn --

I haven't worked much with the schema, but I don't think the problem lies in the style sheet.  The problem appears to be this line in the root element (<ead>) :


If you take that out, the document renders fine.  Is that line absolutely necessary?


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Subject: XSLT for HTML display of schema-compliant EAD?

Hello EAD folks,

I'm wondering if anyone has a stylesheet that works with
schema-compliant EAD documents for in-browser transformation to HTML, or
advice on converting a stylesheet for DTD-compliant EAD to one for
schema-compliant EAD. 

I found this blog post while searching for information on stylesheets
for schema-valid EAD. 

Is everyone who is using schema-valid EAD using Archivists' Toolkit to
convert their finding aids to HTML?  I was surprised that I wasn't able
to readily locate a stylesheet that works with schema-valid EAD, but
maybe it's a more complicated issue than I realize.

Here are the DTD- and schema-valid versions of the EAD I'm working with: 

The main stylesheet is here:

It also uses a dsc stylesheet adapted from a stylesheet provided by
Michele Combs at her awesome workshop in Albany: 

Thanks very much in advance for any advice you can offer!


Katie Dunn
Technology & Metadata Librarian
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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