I am using oXygen and validating against the EAD schema. The only restriction I can see on @TYPE for the element <container> is it has to be NMTOKEN (ie, no commas, no spaces, etc. same rules as for an element tag name).  Therefore, <container type="folder"> and <container type="hfhfhfh"> are both equally valid.

Are you sure the problem is not with your style sheet?  What editor are you using? Could it be enforcing some local restrictions?

Maury Bouchard

From: Kim Kleinhans <[log in to unmask]>
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Sent: Thu, December 2, 2010 3:24:44 PM
Subject: Container Type

We are creating a finding aid for our collection of City Directories. 

There are fiche, film and books.  The fiche and film are housed in a cabinet and that container type is showing up fine in the EAD.  Others we have tried are not working.

Does anyone have a list of allowed words in the “container type” field?   We would like it to state where are city directory books are located.


Thanks in advance,


Kimberly Kleinhans, librarian

Local History/Genealogy

Onondaga County Public Library

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