Hi Ashley -

Yep, it is pretty easy -- you just use two unitdate elements, like so:

<unitdate normal="1963">1963, </unitdate>
<unitdate normal="1968">1968</unitdate>

Also, just an FYI, normally the unitdate goes OUTSIDE the unittitle, like so:

<unitdate normal="1963">1963, </unitdate>
<unitdate normal="1968">1968</unitdate>

The exception would be when the date IS the title, for example:

   <c03><did><unittitle><unitdate normal="1960/1969">1960-1969</unitdate></unittitle><container type="Box">3</container></did></c03>
   <c03><did><unittitle><unitdate normal="1970/1979">1970-1979</unitdate></unittitle><container type="Box">4</container></did></c03>


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Good morning,
I have a quick (and probably simple) question.  How do I properly encode for dates that are not a span?  Example: <unittitle>Condolences, <unitdate normal="??????"></unitdate>1963, 1968</unittitle>  Thank you!!
Thanks for the help,
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