The Library of Congress has only ten items in this language.

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Subject: FW: Request for new ISO language code

In 639-3.

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Subject: Request for new ISO language code

Request for new ISO language code.

English name of Language:   Tabasaran

French name of Language:   Tabassaran


Vernacular name of Language:   Tabasaran

Transliteration:   &amp;#1058;&amp;#1072;&amp;#1073;&amp;#1072;&amp;#1089;&amp;#1072;&amp;#1088;&amp;#1072;&amp;#1085;

Evidence:   Library of Congress, Library Tabasaran people

National Evidence:   Tabasaran Fund

Size Evidence:   Tabasaran language is notable for its case system: the names are about 52 different word forms, including about 40 local. In the northern dialect, there are two grammatical class names: class of sentient beings and the class of irrational creatures and objects. In the southern dialect of grammatical classes of names are missing.

The verb changes according to person and number, has a complex system of tenses and moods. For syntax characteristic of a simple sentence with the nominative, ergative, dative constructions.

Official Evidence:   One of the official languages of Dagestan

Education Evidence:   Russia, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

Additional Info:   Tabasaran language in 2007 gained the status of &quot;official&quot; in the Republic of Dagestan

ISO 639-2 only :   yes

ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-1 :   yes

three_code_suggestion :   tab

two_code_suggestion :   tb

Submitter's name:   David-nelson

Submitter's email :   [log in to unmask]

Submitter's status :   Speaker of language and teacher