I want to share a new METS-based software tool I've been developing at 
the Univ. of NC at Chapel Hill.  We call it the Curator's Workbench and 
built it to process incoming collections for submission to our 
repository.  We just posted an overview of the tool in our blog:

I should mention here that a METS file is the manifest for each project, 
storing links to original and staged files as well as MODS records.  The 
export format for submission is also a METS XML document, but with many 
irrelevant details stripped out.

The tool is a good showcase for the flexibility of METS for work flow.  
The manifest neatly tracks quite a bit of information as the incoming 
folder tree is captured and arranged.

Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Greg Jansen

Gregory N. Jansen
Developer - Carolina Digital Repository
UNC Chapel Hill Libraries