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ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section Executive Committee Forum

Friday, Jan. 7, 2011

San Diego Convention Center

Room 26 A/B


Topic: True Cooperative Cataloging: Single record source vs. Open record sources

Introduction - Report of the Task Force on Cooperative Cataloging

Shelby E. Harken

First session: Legal issues involving cataloging provided by outside vendors that come with restrictions.

Libraries working in a cooperative environment face legal issues in obtaining, using, and sharing records from various sources. What are the issues regarding use of various types of records supplied by MARCIVE (national library bib and authority records, AV Access, GPO, ERIC)?

Speaker: Joan Chapa, MARCIVE

Second session: Skyriver vs OCLC. In a cooperative environment, can there be ownership?

In cooperative cataloging, can there really be ownership? A well known issue is Skyriver vs. OCLC, but on a broader level it is open source/unrestricted use vs. restricted use. How does using restricted use records vs. not restricted affect user access, interlibrary loan, cataloging work flows, NACO work, making library policy decisions, sharing records in a consortia or union catalog?

Speaker: Nancy Fleck, Michigan State University

Third session: Standards in a cooperative environment. Who gets to set them?  

There have been many efforts over many years to formulate cataloging standards. Why do we do this? Who benefits? – Users? Catalogers? What generates them?  How are they maintained?  How do they fit in with “cataloger’s judgment”?  The whole purpose of agreeing on cataloging standards, we believe, is so that a significant corpus of libraries will benefit from not having to do significant editing of these records.  

Speaker: Becky Culbertson, University of California

Shelby E. Harken          

Head, Acquisitions/Bibliographic Control

University of North Dakota

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Chair, CCS Executive Committee


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