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You are cordially invited to the ALCTS CCS Cataloging & Classification Research Interest Group at 2011 ALA Midwinter

Date: Sunday, January 9, 10:30-Noon
Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 33A.

The focus of the meeting will be reports and results from the 2010 ALA Year of Cataloging Research, with time allowed for questions and discussion.

Sherab Chen, Coordinator for Non-Roman Cataloging, the Ohio State University
Susan Massey, Head of Cataloging, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, University of North Florida

10:30 am

15 min: Cataloging and Classification Literature Review for 2009-2010, Preparation for Library Resources and Technical Services Journal: Project Update-- Sue Ann Gardner, Scholarly Communications Librarian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

10 min + 5 min discussion: Report on  the 2010 Year of Cataloging Research—Jimmie Lundgren, Associate Chair & Contributed Cataloging Unit Head, University of Florida

11:00 am

15 min + 5 min questions: The Impact of Subject Headings on Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Downloads at Oregon State University-- Richard Sapon-White, Head of Cataloging, Oregon State University

15 min + 5 min questions: Are we laying bricks or building cathedrals? A study of the perception of cataloging quality among academic catalogers-- Karen Snow, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Library & Information Sciences, University of North Texas

15 min + 5 min questions: An Assessment of the Need to Provide Non-Roman Subject Access to the Library Online Catalog by Magda El-Sherbini and Sherab Chen, presented by Sherab Chen, Associate Professor and Coordinator for Non-Roman Cataloging, The Ohio State University Libraries

12:00 Noon (end of meeting)

Sherab Chen
Associate Professor & Coordinator for Non-Roman Cataloging
The Ohio State University Libraries
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