My name is Matthew J Boylan and I am a senior reference librarian at ASK
NYPL and I need assistance from you. I am trying to locate the following:
the first attempt to record a thunderstorm on an LP in the early 1950's.

I do have some additional clues:

1.) It was recorded on a 16 inch transcription disc, probably for radio,
and then transferred to a "33" in 1951 (try 1950 and 1952 as well.)

2.) It has 12 minutes of "thunder" on one side and 12 minutes of railroad
engine sounds on the other. It is the "thunder" side that I seek.)

3.) I am seeking the Title of the recording and the Label - not necessarily
the Artist (if one was credited)

4.) This recording is - NOT - the following early recordings of "thunder"
on LP's:

A.) the second recording of a thunder storm called "Echoes of the Storm"
with Crazy Quilt  on the Audiophile label.

B.) nor is it the third recording of a thunder storm entitled: "Voice of
the Storm" performed by Emory Cook sound pioneer and Cook Laboratories.

Anyone: if you do - not - know or have access to someone who might know -
and they should have some real "grey hair" in this area, please  feel free
to forward, post on list servs, contact others, recommend other libraries
or other holding institutions or collections public or private or
archivists, librarians, individuals or audiophiles - who might - be able to
point me in the right direction?

Thank you very, very much for -  any - assistance that you can render!


Matt Boylan

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Matthew J. Boylan
The New York Public Library
Senior Reference Librarian
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