The 1200 wasn't the only model you know,I would suggest picking up ANY Technics 'table,if you see them cheap,and working.


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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Technics apparently really has discontinued their turntables
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Date: Monday, January 3, 2011, 11:55 AM

As someone who arguably straddles the line between the transfer and DJ worlds I can say that the reputation of Stanton and Numark is far below that of that venerable 1200 on any given day. No self-respecting DJ would even put them in the same league.

R.I.P. indeed and now let the insane eBay gouging begin!


On 1/3/11 12:43 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Kevin at KAB Electronics sent the following response to my followup querie on this topic:
> _____________________________
> About 3 weeks ago, an official announcement was made to all distributors
> that the Technics line of turntables is now discontinued.
> If you desire a brand new one, you will have to start searching. They
> purposely waited until all inventory was depleted. So It will be very hard
> to find new merchandise.
> What I will likely do going forward is try to create like new refurbished
> decks. Since many of the cosmetic items like top plates and dust covers
> should remain available for a few years to come.
> ________________________________
> That's a shame.
> For the DJ set, I think people can make due with Stanton and Numark tables, but for transfer guys like me, a KAB-hotrodded 1200 has been a really good choice as far as value meeting high quality.
> RIP another analog legend.
> -- Tom Fine