In anticipation of this request, and to preserve the somewhat tattered 
original article, I scanned it yesterday.  I have a 4MB color PDF and a 
2MB black & white PDF (3 pages, 600dpi).

The Ziff-Davis version of Popular Electronics ceased publication in 1985 
(Wikipedia: <>) so... I don't think there should 
be a problem with copyright infringement.  Besides, select issues of PE 
are already available online <>.

If someone will offer an appropriate site for posting, I can send them 
both versions for public consumption.

Jon Ruth
Kent, Ohio

On 21 Jan 2011 at 7:33, Tom Fine wrote:

> See ebay auction #190488700563 to obtain a copy [of Pop. Elect.,
> April 1982] (I'm not in any way connected to this auction, just
> did a quick search and found it). Would be great if this article
> was scanned and put online somewhere. Highly doubt whomever owns
> the rights now would come after you for this ancient niche-interest
> piece of information.
> -- Tom Fine