From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hi Richard,

thanks for giving space for this. I have downloaded and will not be a load on 
your server -- for this at least anymore.

The modification in itself is quite primitive; I would be more dreaming of a 
modification giving X-tal locked 33 1/3, 45.0 or 45.1, and 78.00 (neither 
here nor there!) as well as variable control in each range. Or preferably X-
tal locked at any speed set by a control!

That we are dealing with a consumer machine fix is evident from the spinup 
time: 3 revolutions at 78rpm. The EMT has less than a quarter revolution at 
that speed.

Kind regards and thanks to Jon who made this available in the first place,



> Thank you Jon, for scanning and emailing the article.
> I have only uploaded the colour version as the relatively small saving 
> in download time wasn't worth the added server space IMHO.
> You may find it here
> I think you'll be happier if you right-click on the file and save it 
> locally rather than loading it directly off the server, but it's your 
> call. If you are going to refer to it frequently, please save it locally 
> as there are bandwidth limits (though I don't normally come close).
> Enjoy!
> Cheers,
> Richard
> On 2011-01-21 4:28 PM, Jon wrote:
> > I've e-mailed copies of the PDFs to Tom, Shai,&  Richard.  That's all
> I'm
> > going to do.  I respectfully ask anyone else to wait for the Web site
> > postings.
> >
> > Remember, you'll need a new strobe disk after you mod your turntable. 
> If
> > you want to roll your own, I suggest Nauck's Strobe-Exec program
> > <>.
> >
> > If you want to listen to the 78s without involving a PC, I can recommend
> > the TC-778, an external 78/RIAA phono preamp<>
> > (which looks suspiciously like the REK-O-KUT Audiophile Archival Pre-Amp
> > <>.)  The TC-778 is limited to a single
> > equalization curve, but it makes listening to 78s more enjoyable.  I
> think
> > the 12V wall-wart transformer that came with mine is on the cheap side,
> > but the slight buzz I hear may be due to a ground-loop problem I have
> yet
> > to isolate.
> >
> > Finally, I run the output of the TC-778 through a KAB Souvenir DRX jr. 
> I
> > love this box.  It takes stereo input from the turntable and gives you
> the
> > option of one of the following outputs: Stereo, Reverse, Left, Right,
> > Mono.  The Left/Right option has made some thrift store 78s listenable.
> > Unfortunately, KAB no longer sells the DRX jr, but perhaps they can be
> > persuaded to bring it back.  KAB still has a Web page for it:
> > <>.
> >
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