I also remember never going near these duplication operations without full
sets of heads, guides, pinch rollers, and a BUNCH of additional mechanical
items. The whole process took 2-4 days at least, depending on how many hours
/ week were put on the machines and how many there were..  Bias settings
were painful in particular.


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Any nostalgia freaks interested in the Otari in-cassette duper I have
leftover is storage? It runs and the meters move but nothing gets recorded
on the two copies... Free to a good home (plus shipping)!

This was the best in-cassette duplicator as it ran 8x insead of 16x or
higher speed...


On Jan 13, 2011, at 10:09 PM, Dan Nelson wrote:

You would be amazed at the number of Telex 300  Cassette duplicators banging
out the  cheap n dirty  CC's.
They used in cassette duplication at  15/30 ips and  could duplicate from
cassette or 1/4 inch reel masters, 2 or 4 tracks at same pass.
One company i service had 30 slaves running 16hrs/6 days week.
I would buy heads 100 at  a time from Nortronics... complete replacement
every couple of  months with all the associated allignment, bias and drive
adjustments  was a 2 day pain in the  toosh.
I for one am glad this era is over, but at the time the money was good.