Hi, Michael,

I can do these and I'm not too far away, but I'm busy with some large 
and rush projects that would keep me from doing this probably until at 
least the summer.

There is no magic to them if you decide to take the tape out of the 
shell (which I do and return it on a reel) since it is a standard 
quarter-track configuration at either 3.75 in/s or 1.88 in/s.

I have a Sony APR-5000 configured to play this format.



On 2011-01-18 9:07 AM, Michael Dolan wrote:
> Hello -
> Does anyone know of a lab, preferably in the NYC or Mid-Hudson Valley 
> area, that can transfer an old RCA Sound Tape Cartridge to CD?   A 
> friend found it among his father's things and would like to hear 
> what's on it.  It is 1/4" and the box says it is type 264 C1.
> Any information would be helpful.
> Thank you.
> Michael Dolan

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