Here in America I was using cassettes regularly in 1971. I had a  
primitive Sony that I carried on my bicycle while commuting to work...

But then, I have only ever seen three 8-track decks in my whole life!  
My girlfriend's father had a four track deck in his car in the late  


On Jan 24, 2011, at 7:00 PM, David Breneman wrote:

1968?  Wow.  The first time I saw a cassette player in a
car was in Germany in 1976.  I didn't see cassettes start
to make inroads on the 8-Track until at least 1977.  And
mass-produced cassettes sounded worse than 8-Tracks until
Dolby gained currency in, when?  - I guess around 1978.

It's interesting that these pages say up front that
they are sponsored by Philips/Norelco.  Maybe they were
seeing things as rosy for the cassette a little earlier
than an objective reporter would have.