Not to start the LP/CD debate, yes the early  Analog/Digital converters were
problematic, but the CDs themselves had no off center wow problems, no dish
warpage problems, no pinch warpage problems, no groove distortion problem,
no rushing sound due to poor vinyl, no snap crackle & pop problems, no
sibilance distortion problem, better frequency response than most mass
produced vinyls, no wear after several plays. So in my  opinion, there was
more to gain from going to vinyl to CDs than there is today,  going from CDs
to download. 

Louis Hone

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CD as opposed to Lp was arguably a step downward in quality too, back  
in the day.

  Marketed for convenience and ease of ditribution, it took several  
years for CD releases to actually sound better in any way other than  
S/N ratio and playability covenience...

Lou Judson - Intuitive Audio

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On Jan 1, 2011, at 5:37 AM, Tom Fine wrote:

In general, I too decry the disappearance of CD-format material  
because the alternative download is generally audibly lower quality,  
which is a step backward in my opinion.

-- Tom Fine
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