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> Is this a binaural recording? I tried listening to it with my Stax 
> headphones 
> and there is absolutely no center image.
> When the band plays, it's like they are on either side of your head, like 
> you 
> are sitting in the middle of the stage.
> Maybe it was an interesting novelty when it was released, but I find it 
> unsettling.
> -Matt  Sohn

I totally agree, absolutely no central image and unsettling.  Perhaps the 
worst stereo (or binaural) recording ever made.

I have admiration and nostalgia for the work of Emory Cook, including his 
early stereo recordings of everything from steam engines to the Orchestral 
Society of Boston recorded in Symphony Hall Boston, with steel bands, pipe 
organs and Lizzie Miles in between.  And the two-band stereo/binaural LP's 
issued before "real" stereo records came circa 1957.

I had never heard Burlesque Uncensored but decided to do so via a lossless 
FLAC download from  It sounds like Emory placed two 
widely spaced mics in the vicinity of the stage and hoped for the best.  He got 
the worst (though the going-ons are a bit amusing).

Jim Long
Baroda, MI