Thanks Richard. I had a set of casettes recently, three of which  
appaerntly got inserted in the recorder with the tape behind the  
capstan, as they began fast and kept speeding up as they went along  
until it was a buzzing voice like a cricket! I has to progressively  
slow it down to be transcribable, changing minute by minute...  
Tedious but easily done. A steady state wrong speed would be easy!


On Jan 13, 2011, at 6:54 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

Hi, Lou,

Samplitude has about five modes of working in this area. The best  
results are given in the "Resample" mode where, in the end, the  
sample rate is the same,  but the file is twice as long (or whatever  
factor). Samplitude can change pitch without changing length or  
change length without changing pitch--those are to be avoided as they  
tend to create significant audible artifacts, whereas a full resample  
does not.



On 2011-01-13 9:37 AM, Lou Judson wrote:
> The logic is fine, but many audio apps can drop the pitch and  
> duration without changing the sample rate. Peak and Protools are  
> two that do (there may be others).
> <L>

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