On Thu, 2011-01-13 at 19:21 -0500, Tom Fine wrote:

> But, none of this warm and fuzzy nostalgia will make those piece of garbage pre-duped tapes sold to 
> the Walkman Generation sound any better. They were disposable junk, and almost all of them ended up 
> in landfills in the 90's, replaced by much better sounding CD's. I never fell for the trap since I 
> could dub my own tapes. 

Same here. I never understood how high speed commercial dubbing worked
in the first place; it seems that all the high frequencies would be well
out of the reproduction and recording range of the equipment involved.
I made my own LP to cassette dubs, carefully setting the recording level
to kick just below -0 db on the loudest passages so as not to ride gain

My children will never know such geeky joys. :)

Michael Shoshani