... and with a high speed digital bin loop master, the quality got  
even better.  I used to work at the company which finally convinced  
demanding labels like Telarc & Sheffield Labs they could indeed make  
great cassettes.  Most inconsistencies & other sonic problems were  
introduced by playback and the fact that there were very wide  
tolerances in the manufacture of decks - no industry standards.

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On Jan 13, 2011, at 9:32 PM, Scott wrote:

I had the good fortune (miss fortune?) of having to get factory  
trained on
servicing high speed bin-fed cassette duplicators for large  
facilities. They
were absolutely built like tanks with very, very good heads, both  
and record heads. They were also very, very trying to set up perfectly.
Controlling azimuth, tape path, and bias among other things took quite
literally forever to get right, particularly in a room full of  
cassette tape
on 14" pancakes in 40 record-only decks. That said, if the tape was good
quality, and you did everything right (including set up the air- 
driven bin
loop platter) the frequency response was quite remarkable. I always  
ran my
QC of the adjustments after the test recordings made it to a shell  
for final
insurance. Needless to say, I do NOT look fondly back on those  
Who knows what happened 10 minutes after I left the places..!