Hi. Must be Friday fever making my messages less coherent than usual.

What I am requesting, from anyone who feels willing to contribute, would be mostly the list of labels. I.e. is there anything important missing (there will be, as - as said - the list is built from items catalogued so far but obviously one can build in ready categories i.e. Sony Music).

But the most important thing is any thoughts about two or more label entries that can be merged into one, due to historical merger where it does not conflict with the needs of collectors and researchers, i.e. the Victor vs RCA Victor argument.   

Please don't worry about the Lab: etc texts and the shortcuts used. They are just for internal use (I copied part of a much larger list after removing non label items, that will also be used for indexing.  So it is for example "merge victor and rca victor" or "add label George Music" or did you mean "George Music Entertainment" rather than "George Musik Entertainment" ? spelling error.

Hope that is clear.   Obviously we are pulling together a number of records with reduced resources to try and get something good out.

The end use is then a means for a user to browse, i.e. browse to "discographies / victor" which might have the "victor, victor talking machine, etc" brochures, discographies, catalogues etc but keeping maybe "RCA Victor" separate due to it being a totally different beat.

Hopefully that is a bit clearer. Doesn't feel it, but it is time to stop for the day!

Best, Darren

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On 14 jan 2011, at 15.36, George Brock-Nannestad wrote:

> From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad,
> Hi Darren,
> I am not entirely sure what you expect from us. Is it additional labels that
> you might want to distinguish, is it the format LAB-, which to me seems to
> take up more space than needed.
> Among labels, I would personally like to be able to distinguish among the
> various national versions of HMV, for instance Voix de son Maître (VdM), Voce
> del Padrone (VdP), Husbondens Röst (HuR), and similar, like Gramola,
> Electrola. I do not know Arkiv Produktion, but if it is Deutsche Grammophon,
> it would be Archiv, and I would propose DGA.
> But my best advice is to obtain various important dealers' lists and see what
> they use, and actually adhere to that - for simplicity and universality.
> Hopefully you can do that before your system solidifies.
> I might have a host of other questions, but better knowledge of your needs
> would help me reduce the number.
> Kind regards,
> George
> --------------------------------
>> Hi all.
>> As part of Music Library Finland's moves to get its collections catalogued
>> fully and online, we are at an interim stage where some "external comment"
>> would be appreciated.
>> We are at the stage of sorting out the books and printed materials
>> collection first, with the aim to have a broad range of categories for items
>> that can be browsed, as well as individual categories as relevant. I.e. a
>> HMV catalogue could appear both under "catalogues" and "HMV specific" file
>> but a discography of HMV would be filed under "discography" and "HMV
>> specific" file. For example HMV would include Gramophone Co. items and later
>> on we could clarify in the index such entries, but for example should
>> Aeolian be combined with Vocalion even though there can be Aerolian music
>> rolls and catalogues as well as Aeolian-Vocalion discs.
>> Many labels have consolidated and changed names, yet it is perhaps desirable
>> for collectors and researchers to keep some separate (i.e. Victor vs RCA
>> Victor and modern incarnations) but maybe less critical for some others.
>> It is this which is the key area we'd appreciate some insight.
>> The following list is by no means complete (there will be missing labels,
>> that might just be filed under catalogues or discographies) as it is based
>> on the information entered so far - and there is a lot more stuff to add -
>> but are there any recommended expansions, contractions or amendments you
>> could kindly suggest?
>> We cannot claim to be experts on everything (anything?) and there can be
>> differing views, but some views from others "less close to the project" and
>> who may use the information could be invaluable.
>> LAB-AEO	Label: Aeolian
>> LAB-ALL	Label: Allegro
>> LAB-AMI	Label: Amity
>> LAB-ANG	Label: Angel
>> LAB-ANK	Label: Anker
>> LAB-APL	Label: Apple
>> LAB-ARC	Label: ARC/American Record Company
>> LAB-ARK	Label: Arkiv Produktion
>> LAB-ATC	Label: Atco
>> LAB-ATL	Label: Atlantic
>> LAB-BBC	Label: BBC
>> LAB-BEL	Label: Beltona
>> LAB-BLU	Label: Bluebird
>> LAB-BRO	Label: Broadcast
>> LAB-BRU	Label: Brunswick
> [remainder cut by George, see orignial post]