Half the mystery solved. The wax core for Blue Amberol # 5631 is a wax amberol record #596 - "Sweet Dreams Of Home"- a bell solo by Charles Daab. Dust and general detritus kept the title from being even partially visible. 

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We have an Edison Blue Amberol record (5593) which definitely has 2 layers of celluloid- one atop the other. The beveled edge of the inner celluloid has no information visible. The outer celluloid's beveled edge sits beyond the inner layer and makes the inner  partially visible. The outer celluloid trailing edge ends abruptly before the inner layer- the inner layer trailing end edge is molded around the plaster. It appears as thought a second celluloid was molded over another.
Take 1 , no mould number.

The second record- 5631- doesn't have  the usual plaster core, but has a wax(?) core, with a celluloid surface. The core is brittle and chips easily- similar to the hardened wax used in late 2 minute or wax amberol cylinders The celluloid doesn't wrap around it on the trailing edge.

I'd just like to know if anyone knows of other variants like these.  Or anything else about them, for that matter.

Bob Hodge
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