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Great stuff, Sam. Thanks. I went to sign up BUT... won't accept profile
address (I don't even have a profile) and the "two words" aren't even words
and one is upside down sometimes. Too many problems.


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> I have updated by Columbia Masterworks 78rpm discography which I have been
> writing for the past few years.
> Members on this list may be interested in it so I am posting the latest
> draft online as I have done before...
> It can be viewed here for the next week or so before it becomes "private
> access only:
> ography-v1-9-7<>
> Please understand that it is a DRAFT - with, I am sure, mistakes, errors
> etc...
> personnel etc) ON FOLLOWING SETS - PLEASE HELP... (I have exhausted all
> possible sources at my hand...)
> M-636; M-678; M-731; M-735; M-737; M-738; M-739; M-782; M-783; M-789; M-790;
> M-791; M-792; M-817; M-923; M-924; M-959; M-977; M-979; M-982; M-986;
> M-993;
> M-994; X-146; X-192; X-341; X-349;
> This, almost complete, discography features all Columbia Masterworks 78rpm
> Albums in order of issue from M-1 to M-1034 as well as the X, OP, D, J and
> S
> series released by Columbia Masterworks during the 78rpm era. Featuring
> recording details of composition, composer, record numbers, recording
> dates,
> record reviews, matrix numbers and available online mp3 sources for many of
> the sets featured within, this companion is an invaluable tool to the 78rpm
> record collector.
> The discography covers: M Series - M-1 to M1034 X Series - X-1 to X-399 OP
> Series - OP-1 to OP-32 D Series - D-1 to D-215 J Series - J-1 to J-103 S
> Series - S-1 to S-64
> The discography also features indexes of album sets, matrix numbers and
> album schematics for quick and easy reference.