My 1951 AMI Model E Juke still has the 5 cents per play, six for a quarter
sign!  It was born the same year I was!

Lou Houck
Rollin' Recording

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  Neil recently mentioned SKY.FM here. They have "stations" for each  
  decade so you can just tune them in on the radio section of iTunes.  
  They do have occasional commercials, but really good music: <http://> from the Christmas Channel to Salsa...

  It is more like focused radio than a jukebox, but Pandora does the  
  jukebox thing pretty well. With no dimes!

  Remember "three plays for a quarter?" down at the diner/drive-in? I do!


  On Jan 4, 2011, at 7:10 AM, Tom Fine wrote:

  Has anyone made a plug-in or "skin" for iTunes that makes it act like  
  a vintage jukebox? If not, they should. Imagine loading your favorite  
  tunes from all those Rhino compilations, or picking the best from  
  over-thorough "retrospectives" of good but not great artists and  
  building your own jukebox, that you can plug into speakers when  
  you're entertaining or can enjoy through your headphones. The  
  standard iTunes interface can kinda do this with "cover-flow," but  
  not really, at best it acts like a 1990's CD jukebox.

  -- Tom Fine


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