I'm not so sure that I would go lending a record like that out.


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If it's the early tape duplicator who was out on Long Island, then they went
out pretty early.  And suddenly.  

It was run by Julius Koennens, I think, or Koenig- don't remember exactly.
He was a Holocaust survivor.  German, I think, rather than Austrian.  They
did duplication for Urania, possibly Livingston, etc.  I visited them a
couple of times, probably in the very early 1960s. I don't recall his
set-up.   If duping at high speed, it was a low multiple. I remember hearing
some A-B tests.  You still knew which was the sub-master and which the copy,
but not by much.  

Julie borrowed my unpublished 78 test of Seefried's version of Schubert's
"Das Lied im Gruenen," a spectacularly beautiful record, and was out of
business before he could return it.  I never knew what became of him or my

The less intimate one by Schwarzkopf was the one EMI issued.  The decision
was made by Schwarzkopf's husband, Walter Legge, no doubt.  

Steve Smolian

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No. I think they are long out of business. It was Dubbings.

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Hello Tom, I Googled Dubbing Industries and only came up with my old field
of motion picture 
dubbing. Do you have a link?
Rod Stephens

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Boy now THAT's something you shouldn't hang your hat on!

Shai -- how about a stroboscope wheel in the tape path? That's what I use,
just to confirm things 
are running on-speed. It's made by Dubbings Industries.

-- Tom Fine

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> There used to be a guy on eBay selling dubs of test tapes.
> Steve Smolian
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>> Hi, Shai,
>> You can trust the MRL flutter tapes, not the normal calibration tapes.
>> I think Jay says that some place in the literature.
>> There are better ways to calibrate speed involving long-term
>> Cheers,
>> Richard
>> On 2011-01-28 3:11 PM, Shai Drori wrote:
>>> If I can't trust an MRL test tape for speed accuracy then what options
do I have? This is a hot 
>>> issue for me now since I need to calibrate all machines for speed as
>>> Shai
>>> On 27/01/2011 23:38, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>>>> Hi, Jim,
>>>> One thing that I used to do for quick testing was using a Sound
Technology 1710A leave it 
>>>> punched on 20 Hz then just go up the scale 20-200-2000-20000 Hz, but
that was more for testing 
>>>> than slate tones.
>>>> I made a function generator that was nominally 10-100 per band but had
a modification switch to 
>>>> go from 10-200 so I could sweep 1K-20K for recorder alignment without
range switching.
>>>> I would never trust "alignment" tones at the front of the tape for
speed setting. In fact, you 
>>>> can't even trust an MRL calibration tape for that, other than the
flutter test tapes, and 
>>>> that's not as accurate as you need for setting speed precisely on a
recorder (which should be 
>>>> done with a large-diameter TAPE tachometer. This is a whole large
issue, actually.
>>>> Then, what Tom said, often times the tones were spliced on from a
different session.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Richard
>>>> On 2011-01-27 1:40 PM, Jim Sam wrote:
>>>>> All,
>>>>> Does anyone know how much test tone generators varied circa 1978?
>>>>> I know not to expect digital accuracy. For example, I would not
>>>>> expect a 10.00 kHz tone, but how much leeway was there? +/- 0.25kHz,
>>>>> +/-0.5 kHz, +/-1.0 kHz, etc.?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Jim
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