I have a couple of questions,that Mike Biel would probably be best suited to answer.

I assume most of you are familiar with the Russian/Soviet rock band,DDT,one of the great band names of all time.I just bought an original vinyl copy online of their record "Thaw", Cyrillic title Оттепель .I assume this is a late Melodiya pressing,as it dates from 1990.I had been after any of their original vinyl for years.I have bought a lot of very rare,and unusual,classical vinyl from Russian sellers on eBay,over the last 10-11 years or so,but I had never been able to find any records,by DDT,or any Russian or Soviet rock.I have only now just looked at the Wikipedia entry on them

,and I see they have quite a discography.

I would be very curious about other Soviet or Russian rock bands,especially from the 80s and 90s.Are there many others that recorded,say in the early 90s,after the fall of The Soviet  Union,who are worth knowing about?The only other one I know about,is the lame metal band "Black Coffee".Are there any good books or web sites about this music?

I know a little more about Russian record labels than I did when I posted my questions here in 2007.Pages like this

were a big help.

This got me wondering,when Antrop,which they do link to Melodiya,went out of business,as this site implies.

AnTrop was named after the legendary Russian underground producer and 
sound engineer, Andrey Tropillo, who in 1990, on the wave of 
"perestroika," became the head of the St. Petersburg branch of Melodia.
 Since there was much turmoil in Russia at the time, he made the St. 
Petersburg branch independent of central headquarters and started 
releasing a series of classic Rock albums. These releases were not 
legitimate. They started with releases by The Beatles, Jesus Christ - 
Superstar, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and eventually Pink Floyd. All 
these records were released using Melodia
 facilities, but AnTrop was operating as an independent record label and
 was putting the Antrop logo and their own numbers and copyrights on the
 covers. However, since all the records were printed in Melodia owned and run facilities, AnTrop had to give its releases additional Melodia
 catalog numbers, which is why there are two catalog numbers on the 
releases. Antrop is the label that released most of the Pink Floyd 
albums in Russia. "P" in the AnTrop catalog numbers stands for Russian 
letter "P" (that looks like Greek "Pi"). AnTrop records were all pressed
 in Aprelevka.

Are there any labels left like this in Russia,that are quasi-independent from the Universals, EMIs,or Sony-BMG,or have they absorbed the whole market there too?