I don't know for certain, but I doubt that Revenant was much interested in hunting down corporate recording copyright owners, at least for the 78s they reissued. Revenant was pretty much John Fahey's label, and he didn't have much respect for US sound recording copyright law.


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Hello -

Does anyone on this list know who the successors in interest to W.E. Meyer's Lonesome Ace label were?  Are the recordings and graphic design of the labels themselves in the public domain?  Orphans?  Owned now by one of the major labels?

I know that Revenant included Dock Boggs' Lonesome Ace sides on their release "Country Blues: The Complete Early Recordings (1927-29)" (Revenant CD 205, 1998) - does anyone have contact information for Revenant or any idea if they did a copyright search?

Ben Grillot
Washington, DC