Hi all.

As part of Music Library Finland's moves to get its collections catalogued fully and online, we are at an interim stage where some "external comment" would be appreciated.

We are at the stage of sorting out the books and printed materials collection first, with the aim to have a broad range of categories for items that can be browsed, as well as individual categories as relevant. I.e. a HMV catalogue could appear both under "catalogues" and "HMV specific" file but a discography of HMV would be filed under "discography" and "HMV specific" file. For example HMV would include Gramophone Co. items and later on we could clarify in the index such entries, but for example should Aeolian be combined with Vocalion even though there can be Aerolian music rolls and catalogues as well as Aeolian-Vocalion discs.

Many labels have consolidated and changed names, yet it is perhaps desirable for collectors and researchers to keep some separate (i.e. Victor vs RCA Victor and modern incarnations) but maybe less critical for some others.   It is this which is the key area we'd appreciate some insight.

The following list is by no means complete (there will be missing labels, that might just be filed under catalogues or discographies) as it is based on the information entered so far - and there is a lot more stuff to add - but are there any recommended expansions, contractions or amendments you could kindly suggest?

We cannot claim to be experts on everything (anything?) and there can be differing views, but some views from others "less close to the project" and who may use the information could be invaluable.

LAB-AEO	Label: Aeolian
LAB-ALL	Label: Allegro
LAB-AMI	Label: Amity
LAB-ANG	Label: Angel 
LAB-ANK	Label: Anker
LAB-APL	Label: Apple
LAB-ARC	Label: ARC/American Record Company
LAB-ARK	Label: Arkiv Produktion
LAB-ATC	Label: Atco 
LAB-ATL	Label: Atlantic
LAB-BEL	Label: Beltona
LAB-BLU	Label: Bluebird
LAB-BRO	Label: Broadcast
LAB-BRU	Label: Brunswick
LAB-BUS	Label: Busy Bee
LAB-CAP	Label: Capitol
LAB-COL	Label: Columbia
LAB-CON	Label: Conquest
LAB-COR	Label: Coral
LAB-CRO	Label: Crown
LAB-DAW	Label: Dawn
LAB-DER	Label: Deram
LAB-DGG	Label: Deutsche Grammophon
LAB-DOL	Label: Dollar Ga$
LAB-DUR	Label: Durium/Dubrico/Sound Distributors
LAB-EDI	Label: Edison
LAB-EMA	Label: Emarcy
LAB-ELE	Label: Elektra
LAB-EPI	Label: Epic
LAB-FAM	Label: Famous
LAB-FEL	Label: Felsted
LAB-FET	Label: Fetherflex
LAB-FIN	Label: Finndisc/Finnlevyt
LAB-FON	Label: Fontana
LAB-HAR	Label: Harvest
LAB-IMP	Label: Imperial
LAB-INF	Label: Infinity
LAB-JZM	Label: Jazz Man
LAB-JZT	Label: Jazz Today
LAB-KAR	Label: Karusell
LAB-KON	Label: Konk
LAB-LAM	Label: Lambert
LAB-LON	Label: London
LAB-LOV	Label: Love Records
LAB-LYR	Label: Lyragon
LAB-MER	Label: Mercury
LAB-MFA	Label: Music Factory
LAB-MID	Label: Middle Earth
LAB-MUS	Label: Musica
LAB-NIC	Label: Nicole
LAB-ODE	Label: Odeon
LAB-ORA	Label: Orange
LAB-ORI	Label: Oriole
LAB-PAR	Label: Parlophone
LAB-PAT	Label: Pathé
LAB-PEN	Label: Penny Phono
LAB-PGN	Label: Polygon
LAB-PHI	Label: Philips
LAB-PHN	Label: Polyphon
LAB-PIC	Label: Piccadilly
LAB-PLA	Label: Plaza/Plaza Music Co.
LAB-POL	Label: Polydor
LAB-PUR	Label: Purple
LAB-PYE	Label: Pye
LAB-RAD	Label: Radio
LAB-RZO	Label: Regal Zonophone (inc. Regal, Zonophone)
LAB-RHI	Label: Rhino
LAB-SAL	Label: Salvo
LAB-SID	Label: Sidewalk
LAB-SON	Label: Sonora
LAB-STA	Label: Standard Radio
LAB-SVR	Label: Sveriges Radio
LAB-TEL	Label: Telefunken
LAB-TEM	Label: Tempo
LAB-THR	Label: Threshold
LAB-TON	Label: Tono
LAB-TRE	Label: T.Rex
LAB-UNI	Label: Uni
lAB-VER	Label: Verve
LAB-VIC	Label: Victor/RCA Victor
LAB-VOC	Label: Vocalion
LAB-VOG	Label: Vogue
LAB-VOL	Label: Vole
LAB-WAR	Label: Warner Bros.
LAB-WES	Label: Westminster 
LAB-WOR	Label: World Records

Views either by email privately or to the list - whatever is considered the best approach and easiest for the submitter - welcome.
With thanks, Darren

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