On Wed, 19 Jan 2011 08:57:46 -0700, C. M. Sperberg-McQueen wrote
> On Jan 19, 2011, at 2:47 AM, Edward C. Zimmermann wrote:
> > Tossing a wacky idea into the ring...
> > Why not read the semantics for T as time since 0..
> > 2011-01-17 is day precision
> > 2011-01-17T01   is hour precision and means 1 AM
> > 2011-01-17T01:02 is minute precision and means 1:02 AM
> > This all agreed..  with this reading of T we get the T:24:00 and
> > T12:60 paradigm extended to arbitary hours, minutes..
> > 2011-01-17T25   would be hour precision and 1 AM on the 18th
> > basically I am thinking of allowing for simple math... this could
> > be interesting for dumb clients.
> It depends, I guess, on whether you are seeking to
> define a format for user input or for interchange among

I see the goal as both. 

> parties.  It's often quite useful to accept a lot of forms
> in user input that one does not want in a database or
> document to be stored and interchanged.

> Users may well type "19.01.2011" or "1/19/2011" or

1/19/2011 is one such.. clearly here well defined but
what is 9/11/2001 ? 11 Sept or 8 Nov? And what about
10/03/15--- which can be read as 15 March 2010 or ..

We are now talking about parsers and applications and
in my own class I have included a large number of formats
and even included the possibility to allow for inputs such
as these globally ambiguous but locally understood
formats.. These are part of their own standards.. I might
not like them but they exist. What we are wprking on here
is a new "standard" intended to enable some forms of
expressions that are desired but not...

> "18 Jan 2011" or "on the 19th of this month", all meaning
> the same thing.  But in metadata (as opposed to the 
> transcription of historical or legal documents), is there 
> an important goal to be achieved by preserving the differences 
> among those forms, given that (by hypothesis) they all 
> mean the same thing?

There are some differences.. we are talking in this
list about non-volatile dates but volatile dates such
as today, the 19th of the current month, 2 years ago
etc. are in my applications of great utility...

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