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> I have added a note at the bottom of the
> spec( 
> explaining the preference for BC over BCE.  I do understand the

There should be a preference for neither. The point of +/- was to avoid 
the discussion.

> objection to AD, 

and you must also understand the objection to "BC". The "C" is "BC" stands
for "Christus" from the Greek Khristós meaning "the anointed one" or Hebrew
Messiah. Only "Christians" (and not all nominal Christians at that) believe
that the Messiah came and was revealed some 2 thousand years ago.
In this sense both BC and AD are unacceptable by most people in the World
(of which at most 1/3 are nominal Christians). The point of BCE and CE was
to try to remove the evangelism.

From a semantic perspective when I read a date such as "100 BC" in a book
I see it the equivalent to "100 BCE". I know what they mean--- even if they
are expressing it in a manner I find unacceptable and would never use.


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