>I have a follow up question to those with OPAC's that index EAD (minus 
>Eric as he already explained).  How deep does the EAD indexing go?  Is 
>only collection level information scrapped or can users search directly 
>into container lists from the general OPAC?

Harvard's indexes the full finding aid.

>Okay one more, how does the OPAC interact with the EAD xml files?  Is EAD 
>information scrapped (EAD header?  Collection level <did>?) and a MARC 
>record generated or does the index work directly with the XML?

The collection-level MARC record and the finding aids both exist.  In the 
opac, there is a link right below the title for "more about this 
collection" that opens the full finding aid.

An example: 

Click on <<more about this collection>> to see the finding aid with links 
to digitized contents
To get back to the bib. record, click on "Standard view"

>Thanks again!
>On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 6:12 PM, Nathan Tallman 
><<mailto:[log in to unmask]>[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>Just out of curiosity, is anyone using an online catalog that is entirely 
>EAD-based?  I know many institutions catalog monographs and other items 
>more suitable for MARC, but not everyone might.  It's certainly possible 
>and an interesting idea.
>On the flip side, does anyone's traditional online catalog index EAD as 
>well as MARC?  Maybe a federated search of some sort.  Seems like I 
>remember seeing one.
>Happy Friday!
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