The program for the NFAIS 2011 Annual Conference is complete. 

This 3-day meeting will take a look at today?s world of information 
overload and how publishers and librarians are navigating today?s 
exponential growth of digital information to provide scholars and 
researchers with the reliable, relevant information that deserves 
their time and attention--no matter the source, the language or the 
medium. The Conference will be held Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2011 in 
Philadelphia, PA at the historic Hyatt at the Bellevue

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The program will bring together publishers, librarians, and 
technology developers representing all market sectors from around 
the globe to discuss how they are responding to the daunting 
challenge of identifying, acquiring, processing, transmitting, and 
storing incredible amounts of digital content across all media and 
across a growing amount of foreign languages - a challenge that will 
continue into the foreseeable future as the volume of information 
continues to escalate. Practical approaches currently being 
implemented will be discussed along with emerging technologies that 
hold promise for the future such as augmented reality, machine 
thinking, semantic search, cloud computing, automated translations 
and more. 

Speakers include: Dan Gillmor, noted journalist and author, We the 
Media; Steven Berlin Johnson, Contributing Editor, Wired Magazine, 
and distinguished author, Everything Bad is Good For You and Where 
Good Ideas Come From; Miles Conrad Awardee, Dr. Ben Shneiderman, 
University of Maryland; David Ferriero, Archivist of the United 
States; John Blossom, Shore Communications, Inc., Susan Feldman, 
Research Vice President, Search and Discovery Technologies, IDC; Dr. 
Moshe Pritker, CEO, Journal of Visualized Experiments; Dan Pollock, 
Nature Publishing Group; Martha Anderson, Library of Congress; Dr. 
Khalid Al-Kafadi, Thomson  Reuters R &D, Dr. Thomas Rindflesch, 
National Library of Medicine; Nick Halstead, Datasift; Christine 
Perey, Perey Research & Consulting; David Barnes, IBM; Dr. William 
Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University; Adam Farquhar ,British Library, 
Mark Gauthier, H.W. Wilson Company, Rafael Sidi, Elsevier, Richard 
Weaver, Infotrieve; Victor Camlek, Thomson Reuters Healthcare & 
Science; Dr Douglas Oard, University of Maryland; Britt Meueller, 
Qualcomm, Inc., Dr. Barend Mons, Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre; 
and John Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania.

Sponsors currently include CAS, H.W. Wilson, Thomson Reuters 
Healthcare & Science, the American Psychological 
Association/PsycInfo, Elsevier, Philosopher?s Information Center, 
ProQuest, Thomson Reuters IP Solutions, Access Innovations, 
Accessible Archives, American Theological Library Association, 
CrossRef, Data Conversion Laboratory, the Defense Technical 
Information Center, the Getty Conservation Institute, Information 
Today, Inc., International Food Information Services, Really 
Strategies, Inc., Temis, Inc., and Unlimited Priorities Corporation.