Several new reports and documents have recently been posted on the MARC web site that are intended to assist in using and repurposing the data in MARC records.  They are:


-- Understanding MARC Holdings Records - a brief primer for the MARC Holdings format that joins the tutorials for bibliographic and authority records: Understanding MARC Bibliographic and Understanding MARC Authority Records.  The new document gives an overview of the Holdings format and explains its structure, uses, and how it relates to the bibliographic format.


-- Three reports that analyze the MARC Bibliographic format for elements that may overlap with technical metadata that is defined in PREMIS, MIX, or TextMD.  The reports identify potential sources of metadata that could be useful for populating those technical metadata schemas.   They are intended to be pointers for places to examine in MARC, recognizing that the technical metadata in MARC is usually at a much more general level than the schemas require.  An introduction to the reports can be found at: 

Analyses of Data Overlaps Between MARC21 Bibliographic Format and PREMIS, MIX, and TextMD


The individual reports are: 

MARC 21 Bibliographic and PREMIS

MARC 21 Bibliographic and MIX

MARC 21 Bibliographic and TextMD




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