Network Bulletin No:       11-03


                              Date:   January 21, 2011


                  Subject:    Digital Talking-Book Machines (DTBM)      


                  Index term:          Proposed Distribution Plan to Institutions



Network libraries are encouraged, if they have not already done so, to begin providing digital players to their portion of the more than thirty thousand institutions

currently being served nationally. As mentioned this past fall during an open forum call NLS will assist the network in this effort. To this end NLS has drafted a plan to reach the following three goals. This plan is still a draft and network input is being sought before implementation.



Goal 1:  January–March 2011


Supporting the network in rolling out the digital program to institutions by alerting current, active institutions about the availability of digital books and players.


Now in January network library staff will be able to enter quantities of equipment assigned into their circulation systems for transfer to the CMLS database. Network libraries are encouraged to verify that their circulation system will now accept a quantity in the equipment field for institutions and to input quantities of digital players that have already been assigned to institutions.


NLS will survey the network on its communication efforts and experiences with institutions. The brief, written survey will be used to gather information about the types of institutions your library is serving and the best way for NLS to provide assistance, if needed.



Goal 2:  April–September 2011


Reaching out to potentially eligible institutions that are not currently served by the network (through provision of addressed personalized mailers provided by NLS to network libraries).


NLS has identified groups of organizations with clientele that are potentially eligible for services. During the spring of 2011, NLS plans to launch, in cooperation with network libraries, national outreach targeting these institutions.


Goal 3:  April/May 2011


Open BARD to current, active institutions.


The remaining 15% of network libraries are expected to assume responsibility for BARD administration by the end of March 2011. NLS will set a target date in May 2011, to open BARD for institutional accounts. NLS will provide the network with copies of an invitation to participate in BARD to send to institutions that are currently registered for the talking-book program.


NLS is interested in your feedback on this proposed plan. Your comments, suggestions, and questions should be sent to my attention at the e-mail address below.


                              For more information contact: 

                              Carolyn H. Sung

                              Chief, Network Division

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