Mr. Franks,

I am wondering why LC changed an authority record I updated and created 
a new one for an entity that changed names.

The Thouvenel String Quartet (2010057591) was formed in 1975 by students 
at the University of Indiana.  Two years later the Quartet was hired by 
the Midland-Odessa Symphony and Chorale and over time came to be know as 
the Permian Basin String Quartet (86140826).

I updated the  authority record for the Thouvenel String Quartet to 
loook like this.

110 2  Permian Basin String Quartet
410 2  Thouvenel String Quartet ǂw nne
410 2  Thouvenel Quartet
410 2  Strings of the West
410 2  Midland-Odessa Symphony and Chorale. ǂb Permian Basin String 
410 2  MOSC. ǂb Permian Basin String Quartet

LC removed the first two see references and recreated an authority 
record for Thouvenel String Quartet, I suppose due to the reference from 
Isthmus.  The article from Isthmus provided information on the formation 
of the Thouvenel String Quartet that conflicts with that from the 
Midland-Odessa Symphony and Chorale.  Nevertheless, I believe that what 
I did was correct.  Can you explain what LC did for me.  I spent a fair 
amount of time sorting this out, only to see my work deleted.

Thank you,

Gary Oliver
Abilene Christian University
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