As a simple follow-up, the basic rule of thumb--although one can always find exceptions--is that subject practice (6XX fields) is to use the current form of name. Descriptive practice (1XX fields) is to use the appropriate name for that time period. During NACO training, I mention this, but as it's on day three or four, it's understandable that people might not catch it.

Due to our colonial origins, there is a great deal more variety in jurisdictions and their treatment as headings than many people realize. Many states were colonies of multiple European nations (Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, New York State) or independent (the kingdom of Hawaii) or part of another colony/state (Maine) or like Texas part of Mexico before becoming independent republics and then US territories and states. Under AACR2, on a case by case basis, one does not always end up with identical treatment.

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You are absolutely correct.  My bad!  I totally missed that.  So the answer, then, is to use such headings as this one and the Republic of Texas one for items that emanated during the time period in which they existed?
-Chris Fox

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Chris Fox wrote:
>>New York (Colony).  It has a 667 note which says:  “SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a subject. Works about this place are entered under New York (State).”  The Subj use fixed field is coded b, which means that the heading is not authorized for use as a subject heading.  It would appear, then, at least in this specific case, that this authority record exists only to direct potential users of the heading to the correct one.  New York (Colony) is not an authorized heading.

You are correct that it is not valid for use as a subject but it is valid for use as a name (110, 710), see 008/14=a (fixed field Name use).

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