Dear PCC Catalogers:

In reponse to Pat Fowler's message to the PCClist about how to interpret  the 667 note on the NAR for Texas (n  80129616) and subsequent follow-ups posts, the Policy and Standards Division (PSD) met and discussed the situation.  Adam Schiff and others have correctly pointed to the guidance in LCRI 24.6; one should also note AACR2 rule "Place Name including or requiring a term " that instructs catalogers to remove the type of jusdiction from the place names if it is the initial element (e.g., "Republic of ", "Territory of ..").  Further, AACR2 23.4C  instructs catalogers to omit the larger place name from places in Australia, Canada, U.S.; thus states in the U.S. are generally not qualified (with the exception of the states of Washington and New York). 


The LCRI for 24.6 was originally intended to provide guidance for the revision of NARs at the time  AACR2 was implemented in 1981 (AACR1 rule 77C required the qualifiers "Ter." and "Colony"). Those NARs that collocated the obsolete place names in 667 fields should have had the obsolete forms of name as see-references; however, this was not consistently done (most notably on the Texas NAR) and has caused some confusion.  PSD will  clean up the file and delete the confusing 667 notes and add the appropriate variant forms of name.


It has been pointed out that a few former names of current U.S. states have been established with  a jurisdictional qualifier, most notably New York (Colony) n  00145302, Texas (Provisional government, 1835), and Territory of Orleans (nr 93007666), these NARs will be evaluated further in the context of a re-evaluation of these practices in RDA (see below) or in some other forum if RDA is not implemented.  In keeping with the letter of AACR2 23.5, place names such as Washington Territory, Oregon Territory will be retained for now.


Due to publication pressures, and a desire to provide continuity between RDA and Part II of AACR2 where practicable, the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA did not delve deeply into changing AACR2 Chapter 23 and in most cases transfered the AACR2 wording into RDA Chapter 16 without significant change.  Several of the LCPSs were also brought forward for now. The instruction in LCRI 24.6 to use a single heading for Texas, Hawaii, etc., corresponds to LCPS, although that LCPS was prefaced with the acknowledgment that it " represents a long-standing practice in the U.S. context, not a principled approach to constructing authorized access points for jurisdictions."  Further development in the area also will be dependent on the incorporation of the FRSAD concepts for places into RDA and the completion of RDA Chapter 16. ALA/CC:DA will also be making proposed instruction changes relevant to jurisdiction names in the coming year.


For the time being, PSD asks PCC catalogers to continue to apply AACR2 and the LCRIs (or RDA and the LCPSs).  If heading forms not in compliance with these standards are needed these should be created locally and not contributed to the LC/NACO authority file.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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