Post-RDA Test Policies at the National Library of Medicine and the National Agricultural Library
NAL and NLM will not create original RDA bibliographic records during the interim period after the US RDA Test ends on December 31, 2010 through the announcement of any implementation decision. Some US RDA Test participants who are PCC NACO participants will continue to create RDA bibliographic records after Dec. 31, 2010.   Other non-US RDA Test participants are creating RDA records now and may/will continue to create RDA records. 
NLM/NAL will use RDA copy cataloging records, and will update any RDA CIP records they created during the test period.
In both categories, the authorized access points on the bibliographic records will be in RDA form.  If the 1xx and 7xx fields on authority records do not match, bibliographic records will not be coded "pcc."
For AACR2 original and copy cataloging NLM/NAL will follow their normal cataloging procedures, with the following exception:
If the authorized access point on an AACR2 record is coded RDA, the RDA form of the heading will be used in the bibliographic record.  Records will be coded “pcc” following normal practice.
Diane Boehr
Head of Cataloging
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