Are people typically using the PREMIS Rights rightsExtension only for 
"right to preserve" information, or for other kinds of rights beyond what 
PREMIS Rights natively supports?  Specifically, we are looking for ways to 
express constraints and requirements -- as opposed to affirmative rights-- 
based on contracts, statutes, etc. in a machine-friendly rather then 
person-friendly way. Examples include the need to store content covered by 
HIPAA or FERPA on a secured network; the duration, start/end, and basis for 
an embargo; a requirement to prevent downloading or to limit the quality of 
a dynamically generated deliverable.

Whether or not you are putting rights beyond the right to preserve in 
PREMIS rightsExtension, what are you using to express them? I've been 
looking at METSRights, ODRL and whatever form XRML is taking these days, 
but would love to know what's considered most viable and forward-looking at 
this point, and most consistent with preservation goals.

I realize this is drifting off-topic of PREMIS per se, so please email me 
privately. I can summarize for the list if there is interest.

Thank you for any feedback on this!

Robin Wendler
Harvard University Library
Office for Information Systems
90 Mt. Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
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