Hi Richard:

I found this site online, many of these folks are driving distance from southern NJ:

Plus our own Steve Smolian is driving distance from Jersey.

-- Tom Fine

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Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 9:43 AM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] appraisals: LP & CD

Hello All,

Some time ago there was discussion about working up a list of qualified appraisers, but I haven't 
seen results.

A donor here is seeking to have a collection of LP's, CD's, and videos (located in southern New 
Jersey, mostly classical, rich in ballet and somewhat in film scores) appraised because of desire to 
know current market value in case of need to sell.

I hope one or more ARSC folks can suggest qualified appraisers who are reasonably near and might be 
available for the task (Steve Smolian, I do know about you, as you know; but this person wants more 
than one name).

Thanks and best wishes, Richard