Hi Richard:

40% for acetate and early polyester too? I thought low humidity only for known sticky-shed 

My experience with early-era brown-oxide tapes is that they curl/warp less and get brittle less if 
kept at more typical Northeastern US humidity levels. Tapes I've handled that were kept in very dry 
environments were sometimes very brittle and in extreme cases would shed oxide as they moved thru a 
transport. Splices also tend to dry out and fail at low humidity for these era tapes.

-- Tom Fine

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> Shai,
> Thank you for passing this along. Sadly, the author, John Pytlak, passed a few years ago, as you 
> may recall. He was one of the real bright lights on the AMIA list. Several others are also gone.
> I would caution about handling magnetic tape long-term at 50-60 % RH as it might increase 
> hydrolysis. The general recommendation for tape is 40%.
> Regards,
> Richard
> On 2011-02-09 5:55 AM, Shai Drori wrote:
>> Dear members
>> I received the following link through the AMIA list. I was about vitalizing film but turns out 
>> Kodak has a few suggestions about controlling static build up. Worth reading.
>> Shai
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