I've had good luck with Izotope RX.  The broadband noise reduction module is very effective and seems to produce fewer musical noise artifacts than any other software NR package I have tried.  I have not used the click and crackle modules much.

Bruce Whisler

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Recommendations for Software replacement for DC-Art Millennium?

The Jewish Music Archive at Penn would like to upgrade the software it is
using.  I've been doing mostly transfers of vinyl LP's, cassette tapes and
some 78's. The DC-Art software is great for recording, editing and manual
de-clicking, but the automated algorithms are pretty poor and the continuous
noise module is worse than useless.

I recently tried Izotrope RX as a trial and was quite impressed. Any other
software recommendations and/or thoughts about this particular one?  Things
we should consider?


RA Friedman, Archivist
Freedman Jewish Sound Archive
University of Pennsylvania