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I have both Waves and Izotope, and have found Izotope to be the better performer in most situations.  Yes, the offline algorithms can be very slow, but provide better results than the real time algorithms on musical material.  

Bruce Whisler

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] For Mr. Friedman re NR software

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> I recently tried Izotrope RX as a trial and was quite impressed. Any
> other
> software recommendations and/or thoughts about this particular one?
> Things
> we should consider?
For Mr. Friedman

Izotope is very good at the price and comparable to software suites like
Waves Restoration that run closer to $1K+.

The one drawback is that some of the processes put extremly high demands on
CPU.   Other than that they're very good and the cheapest high quality
solution around.

One listmember suggested "You might look at Sound Soap," but my
recommendation is to avoid this software at all cost.   IMHO its one of the worst
pieces of audio software I've ever encountered and can easily do more damage than
it repairs.


Dave Radlauer