I found an exceptional little pile of 78s today,from the 'teens,and early 20s,no valuable jazz or blues,but a lot of unusual stuff all the same.

One of these is a Columbia private recording.I don't know if this is the Columbia equivalent of those white label Victor batwings,with the typewritten labels.I have seen a bunch of those in my time,but this is the first of these Columbias I have ever seen.

This is a white label record,with all printed writing it says:'

Phonograph                 Personal
Company                     Record

Specially Made For


Hultman is singing two of his hymns,in Swedish "Han Ar Likadan I Dag",and "Nar Hela Jorden Sover"
His publishing company,in Worchester,Mass. is listed on the label.

The numbers are 33174 and 33079.The patent dates end at 1922.There is a facsimile signature in the shellac.The record is visually a E or E+,very nice.

It isn't the type of record that you could really sell,but it is rather unusual.If there is any university,or archive interested in it,I will send it to them free.