I'd like to ask my esteemed colleagues how to get quality album images using
a decent digital camera and a good copy stand. 

Our library archives is doing a digitization project involving the
photographing of about 1200 albums, mostly 33 1/3 LPs, but some 78s. We're
using a copy stand and plan to get a diffuser (or museum) glass so that the
albums can be flat. We do have a light meter and a good digital camera, so
really the preparation and proper workflow is what I'm interested in.

We're hoping that image capture rather than scanning will get us better results.

This is just a request for upfront advice so we can capture these images

I'm pretty impressed with the images on the Birka Jazz Archive site, for
instance. We need to capture images in high res formats for both web display
and projection.

Randal Baier
Eastern Michigan University