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Do you follow DACS or APPM? DACS is helpful for this kind of question. The two DACS rules that provide guidance for the kind of title you describe are:

DACS 2.3.3.
When supplying title information, compose a brief title that uniquely identifies the material, normally consisting of a name segment, a term indicating the nature of the unit being described, and optionally a topical segment as instructed in the following rules. [There is no prescribed order for the title segments.]


DACS 2.3.21.
Optionally, supply a brief term or phrase that most precisely and concisely characterizes the unit being described. The term or phrase should incorporate the form(s) of material that typifies the unit and reflects the function, activity, transaction, subject, individuals, or organizations that were the basis of its creation or use. 


Clarence McGehee collection on Ruth St. Denis

Does that help?



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Subject: Creator vs donor in collection name

[Posting this to both EAD and A&A -- apologies for duplication]

Is there a rule of thumb on when to include the creator's name in the title of a collection of stuff about a third party?  For example, say Mary Smith amassed a huge collection of John Wayne material that she donates to us.  Does one call it the John Wayne Collection (and list the creator as Mary Smith), or would you call it the Mary Smith Collection Relating to John Wayne?  Or is it just local practice?

APPM simply says to do so "if appropriate" which is flexible (good) but also vague (bad).

This is of more than academic interest with automated sorting and list generation, because if the collection title appears as "The John Wayne Collection" but it's in a list of collections sorted by creator, it will be listed under S for Smith, which may puzzle the researcher expecting to find it under "W" for Wayne.

I guess maybe that answers my question -- always include it in the title?

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