I also feel that it is a struggle to work in many different types of general information about digitization on component levels.  We recently launched a collection where the processing and original published finding aid was funded by one sponsor, and the digitization of the entire collection by two sponsors.  Simply, we put it all in the <sponsor> note that follows the title statement, such as



                                <subtitle>A Finding Aid to the  Papers, <date type="inclusive"></date> <date type="bulk"> bulk ????-????</date>, in the Archives of American Art</subtitle>

                                <author>by </author>

                                <sponsor>Funding for the processing and digitization of this collection was provided by </sponsor>


 Processing of the collection was funded by the Getty Grant Program; digitization of the collection was funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the Terra Foundation for American Art

The style sheet/programming for the htm display does not attach it directly to the title; it displays below our own  “digitization note” derived programmatically from our database, which is plopped into the htm display.  

I wonder if it would be acceptable to sneak the sponsor information into an <altformavail> note at the component level – without actually encoding it as <sponsor>?  Maybe not at the file unit level, but at a series, or subseries level?  Something like:  Items from this series have been digitized and may be accessed  via ...... (funded by XXXX sponsor.)




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Hi all,

I've got an issue with a project I am working on where individual items or groups of items were digitized with the sponsorship of certain donors.  Unfortunately <sponsor> can only come in <titlestmt> and <titlepage> and cannot be placed in the component.  Any ideas?  Currently I'm using an <odd> with a type attribute with the value "imagesponsor."  I suppose a note might work as well, but none of the other component-level elements seem relevant in this case.

Ethan Gruber
American Numismatic Society