Hello everyone,

I'd be very interested in hearing about XSL workshops as well. I'd also be interested in knowing whether anyone offers an intermediate class in EAD that is geared more toward those of us who've been using EAD for awhile and need to learn more. For example, I'd like to hear about the advantages and disadvantages of the DTD vs. the schema, how one would convert from DTD to schema, best way to encode digital items and links, proper use of certain attributes, etc. Speaking personally, I would find this kind of workshop extraordinarily helpful.

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Greetings all,

I'm looking to attend an XSL workshop (finally!), but there aren't any scheduled with SAA.  The only other XSL workshop that I know of is put on by Amigos, but it is not currently scheduled either.  Does anyone know of other options for XSL training?  I checked with a couple local colleges and they do offer some classes that touch on XSL, but nothing focused.


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